If you have already objected and want to object on the revisions, please click the red button to go to the next page

If you haven't objected yet, please read on below...

The Planning Application for the road has now been submitted by Shropshire Council. If you want to stop this bypass please support our campaign to generate as many objections as possible. 


You can access the application on the Shropshire Council planning portal here and add your comments and objections using reference number 21/00924/EIA. 


The deadline for objections is 7 May 2021 but the planning team say they will continue taking comments until the final decision is made (autumn 2021).

You can object to the Shropshire Council Planning department using the form below. This will allow you to object to the original planning application and the amendments to it published in September 2021. 


We have put some default text in the form, but please amend this if you can: adding some personal information about why/how the road will affect you will add to the strength of your objection - and do mention how climate change affects you if possible.

Note that, while the cost and financial risk to Shropshire Council are important issues, they are not issues that will be considered in a planning application so please don't add anything on the financial aspects (but do raise this with your councillor or candidates for the local elections).

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