Use this page to email Shropshire Council about the North West Relief Road.


Below is an email you can use as a starting point. Please feel free to edit it and add your own thoughts on why this issue is important to you. The email will be sent on your behalf by Road To Ruin Shropshire.


Email body:

Dear Councillors

Yours sincerely,

Full name:

First Line Of Address:

Post Code:

Email Address:

What would you rather spend the £17m on in your area?

Keep Me Informed By Email:

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Recipients will receive your name, email address and postal address along with the message entered above.

Your email will be sent to the following recipients:

Your local councillor (we'll look them up for you using your postcode)


Cllr Peter Nutting (Council Leader)


Cllr Steve Davenport (Transport & Highways Portfolio Holder)

Northern Planning Committee Members:

Cllr Roy Aldcroft 

Cllr Nick Bardsley 

Cllr Gerald Dakin

Cllr Nat Green 

Cllr Vince Hunt 

Cllr Mark Jones 

Cllr Pamela Moseley 

Cllr Keith Roberts 

Cllr Paul Wynn 

Cllr David Vasmer 

Northern Planning Committee Substitute Members:

Cllr Joyce Barrow 

Cllr Ted Clarke 

Cllr Julian Dean 

Cllr Roger Evans 

Cllr Rob Gittins 

Cllr Roger Hughes

Cllr Chris Mellings 

Cllr Paul Milner 

Cllr Peggy Mullock 

Cllr Alexander Phillips  

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