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The North West Relief Road in Shrewsbury, Shropshire is a disaster. Decades in the making it's a solution for a world that no longer exists.

The NWRR won't solve Shrewsbury's traffic or air pollution problems and will create 48,000 tonnes of CO2e. It won't be 'net zero' for 130 years! 

The road will destroy ancient trees, including the famous 550 year old Darwin Oak; rip up 4km of hedgerows, impact SSSI wetlands; and destroy vital nature habitats. It also risks permanently contaminating the borehole that supplies Shrewsbury with clean drinking water. 


A record-breaking 5,300 objections have been submitted against the road and even Shrewsbury Town Council says it doesn't want it to go ahead.  

The Outline Business Case says the road will cost £81m, but that was based on 2017 figures. We believe the price tag is now £230m (for just 4 miles of road!) The government has pledged to 'fully fund' the road using HS2 money. However, Shropshire Council is likely to remain responsible for any overrun costs - which could be massive. It's a financial AND environmental disaster! 



A record 5,300 objections are on the planning portal for the road. The scheme went to planning on 31 October and was passed by 6 votes for (all Conservatives) to 5 votes against (Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens). There remain huge issues that need to be addressed before the road can move forward, not least of all the risk to Shrewsbury's drinking water supply and the decision to axe NINE VETERAN TREES including the 550 year old Darwin Oak...

Better Shrewsbury Transport (BeST) has launched a legal challenge to the road and need your help to stop it

NWRR Crowdfunder.jpeg


Check out Better Shrewsbury Transport for more on the history of the road, the destruction it will cause, and the better ways Shropshire could spend the money. 

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