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The North West Relief Road is a £87m* bypass for Shrewsbury that will link the northern and western parts of the town. It is a 30 years out of date solution that won't fix Shrewsbury's traffic congestion problems. On some roads, it will make traffic 150% worse! 


It will cost Shropshire at least £28m with no upper limit to our liability (since the county will have to pay for any overrun costs).


It will also generate nearly 50,000 tonnes of CO2 and destroy SSI wetlands, ancient oak trees and vital natural habitats. The road will save 350 tonnes of CO2 a year, which means it will take 137 years to be 'worthwhile' in carbon terms... This from a council that declared a 'climate emergency' in July 2019! 

*Based on recent contractors costs for similar roads we estimate that the true cost of the road will be closer to £130M. Shropshire Council is still denying this. They have done some recent cost cutting (removing the HGV crawler lane on the steep viaduct across the river Severn) which they say will save £7M. However, the final cost is still likely to be well over £100M.

Better solutions to the town's traffic congestion issues exist. Check out Better Shrewsbury Transport for more on these.

We argue that the millions being spent (£20m per mile!) would be better invested in local services and sustainable transport in towns across Shropshire. Why should Ludlow, Oswestry, Bishop's Castle and Bridgnorth pay for this costly disaster in Shrewsbury?

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The planning application is now live and Shropshire Council's Planning team is taking comments up until the decision is made. Over 4,400 people have objected to the road so far. This is a new record for Shropshire planning applications

Since the road is being part-funded by a £54m grant from the Department for Transport, anyone in the UK can object to it. Is this how you want your taxes spent?! 

In September 2021, the council revised the plans for the road reducing the emissions by around 30% (from 70,000 tonnes CO2 to 48,000 tonnes) and shortening the bridge over the Severn by building a viaduct on the flood plain.

However, Shropshire Council ignored the concerns of residents, Shrewsbury Town Council and the Environment Agency.


This is why we are encouraging people who have already taken action to OBJECT TO THE REVISIONS.

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